Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Halloween Decor

I posted my candles that I made for Halloween a couple days ago and here is some more Halloween decor I made for around the house.
These pumpkins were made using the Definitely Decorative vinyl "Spooky Expressions." I actually purchased these around when they first came out but I didn't have anywhere to put them since we were in the apartment. Now that we have a house, we have tons of places to put them! I have one in our kitchen, one in the dining room and one in the living room.

This is a totally non-SU project, but I wanted to share the wreath I made for our front door for Halloween. It was super cheap to create and fairly easy too (except for the second degree burn I got on my finger from the hot glue gun)!
I purchased a wire wreath frame from Michael's and wrapped it with 8 feather boas I got at the dollar store. Then I pulled the leaves off the stems of the skulls (you may have noticed that they are placed underneath the candles I posted a couple days ago) that I got at Michaels and wrapped them around the frame. Finally, I tied on some orange Christmas balls to the frame as well. There are actually quite a few more than you can see in the photo, but the wind made the feathers cover them up when I was photographing it.

Hope you enjoy some of my Halloween projects!


Me, My Stamps and I said...

too spooky cute for words!!!!
love them all!!!!