Monday, October 7, 2013

DIY Growth Chart

I've seen these wood growth charts all over pinterest and at baby expos, but I never like the colours of the ones you can purchase, and they wouldn't go with the wood/decor in our house, so I decided to make my own.
I bought a piece of 10" x 1" x 6' piece of knotty pine at our local hardware store. I stained it with some of the leftover stain that we had from when our house was built so that the colour wood match the other wood in our house. Once that dried I used a ruler, measuring tape, and silver sharpie to make all of the lines. I then printed out the numbers on my computer using a font I liked, traced over it onto the wood so that it would indent the wood and then coloured it in using my sharpie. I let the sharpie dry for a few days and then applied a coat of polyurethane (be careful which product you use or you may be starting over after this step like I had to the first time).

Once it was all done, Grant and I hung it where I wanted it and we plan to start marking Ben's growth yearly on his birthday. I have his measurement from his first birthday so I can add that one to it too!