Monday, July 19, 2010

Dandelion Flurry

It's been a while again since I last posted and will probably be a while again following this post. Since Grant is a teacher, he has the summer off and we've been spending lots of time doing things and visiting people we didn't have time to during the school year.

One of the small things we have done is create the following canvas for our future bedroom in the house we're building. We've had this dark gray dandelion flurry decor element from Stampin' Up! for a long time but never put it together because we were waiting to decide what colour our new sheets would be so we could match the canvas to them. Our duvet is a nickel colour - which matches nicely with the dark gray and the sheets are a dark red (although the canvas looks a bit brighter in the photo). We love the way it turned out. This is actually a very large canvas too 30" x 40". For the time being we have it hanging in our living room.

As for our house, it's coming along very nicely and quickly. They are really ahead of schedule at this point so we are getting excited! Here's a pic for those who are interested!


Christina Fischer said...

What a COOL canvas -- I just love the colors!!

You have to be SO excited about the house -- it looks fantastic! :)