Friday, November 21, 2008

12 Days/Posts of Christmas - Day 3

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Another essential tool for paper crafting is adhesive. There are many different options out there and each has its own place for use. I will mention the different types and let you know which I prefer to use and what I use them for as I go through them. You can also scroll to the bottom of this post for a summary and then work back to read about the one that most applies to you!

SU 2-Way Glue Pen ($4.50 for 10 grams): A versatile acid-free adhesive that creates a permanent or temporary bond. Features of the 2-Way Glue Pen are:

  • dries quickly
  • blue when wet - adhere now to create permanent bond
  • clear when dry - once clear this glue is temporary like a sticky note
  • great for adhering glitter
  • chisel tip - allows you to apply just as much as needed
  • washes off with soap and water
I personally use the 2-way glue pen for adhering glitter.

SU Anywhere Glue Stick ($4.95 for 2-20 gram sticks): This is my personal adhesive of choice. It is acid-free and nontoxic. Features of this glue stick are:

  • odorless and permanent
  • economical choice - since you get 2 sticks for less than $5.00
  • square corner edge for hard-to-reach areas (especially corners)
To prevent this glue stick from drying out store it in a plastic bag (I personally go through mine quickly so mine never dry out and I don't store it in a bag). This is the adhesive I use for classes when applying designer paper to cardstock.

SU Dotto Adhesive ($16.50; refills for $8.25): These tiny repositional adhesive dots come in a handy dispenser and are safe for use on scrapbooks and photos. Features of Dotto are:
  • 49 feet of temporary, self-adhesive dots on paper backing
  • dispensier rolls dots from paper from backing onto card stock, photos, or embellishments
  • solvent free
  • refills available
These are great for scrapbookers as they are safe for photos and repositionable. by being repositionable, gone are the days of ruining a page because you placed your photo or embellishment on crooked since you can just lift it up again and move the element to the correct spot. Plus, if you apply too much, just rub your finger over the dot to remove it!

SU SNAIL Adhesive ($8.75; refills for $5.75): Other than the anywhere glue stick, this is my adhesive of choice for adhering ribbon and layered images. I also use this for my classes. This is a double sided permanent, scrapbook safe, adhesive that is dispensed continuously. Features of SNAIL adhesive are:

  • 472" of double-sided adhesive
  • keeps fingers and elements free of messy glue
  • refills available
  • permanent for a strong bond - this is the reason I use this on heavy elements such as ribbon and multi-layered cards
  • affordable and neat
SNAIL adhesive applies a controlled amount of adhesive and a small amount creates a strong bond so the cartridge lasts a long time. This adhesive is used in the same way that you would use dry-line white out.

SU Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive ($4.75 for 0.875 oz.): This is a temporary or permanent adhesive that has a dual-tipped applicator. Features of Tombow are:

  • latex rubber acrylic resin adhesive
  • temporary when allowed to dry before adhering
  • permanent when applied while wet
  • great for adhering cardstock, designer paper to chipboard
  • great for applying glitter
  • dual-tipped applicator - allows you to apply a small amount with the small tip or spread it over a larger area with the wide tip

SU Glue Dots (Mini glue dots $5.95 for 300 dots; Pop-up glue dots $4.75 for 75 dots): These are a super sticky acid-free adhesive used primarily for adhering 3-dimensional accents. Features of glue dots are:

  • bond instantly to a variety of materials - therefore great for attaching embellishments
  • photo safe
  • 2 sizes available: Pop-Up (1/2" diameter and 1/8" thick) and Mini (~3/16" diameter)
  • double sided adhesive
The best way to place glue dots is to press your project against the dispenser so you do not have to touch the glue dots as they are very difficult to get off once adhered (including to your hand).
I use these mostly for adhering the center paper to build-a-brads.

SU Stampin' Dimensionals ($4.95 for 300): These are 1/16" thick acid-free, double-sided, adhesive foam dots. Features of dimensionals are:

  • double-sided, self-adhesive foam mounts
  • add height for multilevel projects
  • great for layering
Stampin’ Dimensionals are the easiest way to give your projects an instant 3-D look. I use these often to pop up the center image of a card.

SU Sticky Strip ($8.25 for 10 yards): This is a double-sided extra tacky strip to adhere micro beads or ribbon or have 3D items stick tightly. Features of sticky strip are:
  • double-sided acrylic adhesive
  • 1/4" wide
  • very strong - which makes it perfect for 3D items
To use Sticky strip: cut Sticky strip to your desired length and lay it on your project, then remove the red liner to assemble your project.


There are many different adhesives available and you need to discover which you prefer to use based on what you are using it for.

For beginner crafters, I would recommend the anywhere glue stick and SNAIL adhesive or Dotto adhesive (Dotto if you are primarily scrapbooking).

As you become more skilled in your crafting, you may want to incorporate glitter or beads and therefore want things like the 2-way glue pen or Tombow adhesive. If you are wanting to add more dimension to your cards or scrapbooks through layering you may want to invest in SU Dimensionals or Glue Dots. If you prefer to create more 3D items you might want to invest in Sticky strip.