Monday, April 20, 2009

Appreciation Gifts

I mentioned in my last post that I created little gift tags that I wanted to share with you but forgot to take a picture. Well, I had one left over before I decided what colours to used so I put it together to show you. The gift tags were all created using the Kitchen Sink Stamp 3-step stamping sea shells which give it that great dimension. I created 8 different coloured tags (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, pink and purple) and made sure that I had matching tissue paper. Although it doesn't look like it matches in the picture, it is actually the identical colour. The white bags are from Michael's and come in packs of 13 - which allowed the colour and tag to be the focus.I created these, with the beach-y theme, for our family members that are coming with us to the Dominican for our wedding. Inside each bag we put personalized traveler to-go mugs that have our names, wedding date and their position in the party (ie. father of the bride, mother of the groom, etc.) as well as a deck of cards for playing on the trip.

I really wish I had remembered to take a picture of all of them together because they looked great! Oh well, the important thing is that everyone enjoyed them.


Carolyn King said...

what a thoughtful gift for the travelers.
Congratulations on your wedding!!!!