Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding: Table Numbers

My parents left for the Dominican yesterday to the place where our wedding will be!! They are going a week ahead so they could go for two weeks and not overlap the same two as Grant and I so we have time to ourselves.

I've been struggling for a while what to do for table numbers at our wedding reception/party and think I have finally figured it out. The table number stands that were available to rent through the caterers seemed to industrial and/or ugly to me so I've been searching for alternatives in stores and online. So many of them are quite tall so they would be blocking people's view of the person across from them which I didn't like the idea of (plus our centerpieces are only about 4" tall. When I was out shopping I found these cute little photo holders that are a clear shape at the bottom with a silver wire with a clip at the end and thought they might work out. Here is a photo of the test ones I did to make sure they looked as good as we pictured (they don't actually stand crooked that's just the poor set-up I did 'cause I was in a rush). I created the table numbers using our wedding colours by matting them together and printing out the numbers (using the same font from the invitation) on the whisper white cardstock. We are quite happy with they way they turned out.

It's hard to tell in the photos but we got three different clear shapes at the bottom - a heart, star and hexagon. These should sit just above the centerpieces.

What do you think?


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What fun to create! Cangratulations and best wishes!

Jen said...

oh how fun! these are a great idea! love the clear bottom of the photo holder! good luck in the final prep...:)

Christina Fischer said...

These will be wonderful on your tables! It must feel good to be checking more things off your list! :)