Friday, April 3, 2009

Etsy Embellished Paper Store Now Open!!

Due to recent email requests to purchase my cards I have decided to set up an Etsy account store where my cards and other paper crafts will be for sale! Go take a look at my store Embellished Paper. I have looked around a fair amount on Etsy as to what a reasonable price is for products and created my prices based on that.

The majority of my cards will be priced at $5 which will include the card, envelope and shipping. I hope that this seems reasonable to others as I take between half an hour to an hour or more creating each card.

I will take custom orders if there is a card on my blog that you like that is not on Etsy as well as make multiples of individual cards if you are interested in several of the same card (if possible and subject to supply quantities).

I am not sure how successful the store will be, but figured with the influx of emails I have received lately it was worth a go!