Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Days/Posts of Christmas - Day 8

Just a reminder, today is the last day to purchase any of the Holiday Extravaganza bundles. The All in the Family Bundle is sold out. Click here for more details on this promotion. Check the post below for an additional product promotion that is starting today.

Edited to Add: Bags & Tags Bundle, Santa's Stocking Stuffer Bundle, Star Struck Bundle, Mission Embossable Bundle and the Curly Label Punch Bundle are now SOLD OUT.

As I mentioned on Day 1, something you should invest in is a scoring tool if you are going to be making cards. I personally use the Scor-Pal but as it is quite expensive, I will share details of the SU bone folder as well (which is what I used prior to my Mom buying me the Scor-Pal).

The SU bone folder costs $8.75, is made of sanded and polished cattle bone, and is used to score paper and make clean crisp folds. You use the pointed end to score the paper and then burnish a smooth fold using one of the two beveled sides.

Scor-Pal is not an SU product but it is amazing. The Scor-Pal can be purchased directly from their website with many different packages avaible depending on what else you are in need of (such as carrying case, tapes etc).

The Scor-Pal alone costs $39.95. It is a 12" x 12" scoring surface with raised rulers along the top and right sides which allows you to align your paper. Grooves are all across the board at varying intervals including every 1/2" and every 1" as well us other areas unique to various types of cards. The Scor-Pal comes with its own scoring tool that snaps in to the top of the board so it can be kept together at all times.

I use my Scor-Pal for every single card that I make! Just making the center fold on every card goes so much faster with this tool! With the number of cards I make, this was such an awesome gift. It can be used for scoring any paper so you can use it for 3D projects as well, not just cardmaking!