Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Reindeer for a Cause

My Mom bought me these adorable reindeer from one of her co-workers for a great cause and I just had to share them. They are so cute and look amazing with all of our Christmas decorations. To respect their privacy, I will just tell you that the woman my Mom bought them from is selling these great reindeer to raise money to help send her daughter to the United States for medical treatment for a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

If you are interested in these reindeer, let me know and I can share the information. They come in a set of these three different sizes and different ribbon options are available.


Carrie said...

Allison- I am SO SO sorry that I didn't know you had been trying to get in touch with me about the banner on my blog banner. I didn't know anyone was commenting on my blog or even visiting it. I apologize for using it without your consent & have removed it from my blog. Again I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Allison, I just love the raindeers. Please email me with the info on my possible purchase of a set.

Kathy Brown