Monday, December 1, 2008

Pink Glitter Ornament

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After seeing these gorgeous ornaments that Amy made I knew I had to give it a try. The directions are on that page too. Since I made a few ornaments I made a few with just reinker and a few with some water and reinker to get a few different shades of pink. I love how they look like a bubblegum pink. These were pretty easy to make once I got the hang of it (I'll admit that I did ruin a couple). I decided to make them all using SU Pink Pirouette because it reminds me of an ornament that my parents have that my sister and I would fight over every year as to who gets to hang it (we still fight about it) because we both thought it was the most beautiful ornament we had ever seen! I'm now trying to convince them to let me have it for my tree!

To jazz up the ornaments a bit more I used a snowflake rubon from the Season of Cheer rubons. I found that because of the round ornament I had to be careful rubbing it on so that it turned out nice (I did have to scratch my first one off because it looked so bad).


Carolyn King said...

that is beautiful---i am sure it will start a few fights itself!

Nancy Riley said...

Allison, these are GREAT! Makes me want to make a ton of them!

Jenni said...

These are great! I have small kiddos in the house, so glass is out for now, but I am going to stock this idea away and try to use it in a couple years!